Kavita Devi Astounds WWE Fraternity, Winning Hearts For Fighting In Salwaar Kameez

Kavita Devi Astounds WWE Fraternity, Winning Hearts For Fighting In Salwaar Kameez
 The Great Khali, then multitalented Jinder Mahal and at this moment, Kavita Devi, Indian personalities have always gathered interest when they made entry in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring.

The latest sensation Kavita Devi has turned the first Indian woman wrestler to enter the most renowned ring. At this time, Devi is truly hitting some ass. Not for her sporty moves or a unique swag, but only for combating while putting on a salwar kameez in the WWE ring.

Kavita Devi, the ex Haryana policewoman is hitting the news headings another time.

A video recording, which that has turned viral over the web demonstrates how the Punjabi ex mixed martial arts (MMA) winner wrestles it out at an occasion held by Continental Wrestling Entertainment, an endorsement and training institution set up by the Indian WWE victor The Great Khali.

 In the viral video recording from August 30, 2017, Kavita Devi, dressed in an orange-yellow salwar-kameez yet again, is witnessed combating it with a Kiwi qualified wrestler Cheree Crowley and trapping her down.

Earlier this year, she turned the primary Indian female to fight in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring when she was incorporated in the Mae Young Classic contest.

In an interview to media people, she stated that how she has always tried to follow the footsteps of ‘The Great Khali.’

 “He was the first Indian man to win a world title, and I wanted to be the first woman,” Devi stated.

Kavita has always been a very big buff of World Wrestling Entertainment. “I remember watching all the fights of wrestlers like The Undertaker and female wrestlers like Chyna,” she also said.

Canyon Ceman, Vice President, World Wrestling Entertainment Talent Development, told media people that Kavita Devi gave a sturdy performance at World Wrestling Entertainment’s 2017 Dubai trial.

 “She is an athletic and extremely strong woman who demonstrated a solid grasp of the fundamentals of sports entertainment,” Canyon Ceman added.

All our best wishes are with the great personality Kavita Devi! May the WWE champion bring additional pride to her nation.

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