Effective tips for fast weight loss with yoga

Apart from other countries of the world, obesity has become one of the biggest health problems in India. Obesity is a cause of trouble itself, it can cause many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high BP, stroke, infertility, which can prove to be harmful for health.

How to reduce obesity?

The combination of yoga and exercise, as well as correct diet and Ayurveda herbs, is considered to be very effective in reducing obesity. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev also recommends these things for fast weight loss. Swami Ramdev has advised to take some Yoga’s and Ayurveda medicines to reduce obesity in many programs and on his website. We are presenting it to you in a simple way.

Ten Tips to Reduce Obesity?

1. Reduce obesity from kapalabhati pranayama

Effective tips for fast weight loss
People who are troubled by obesity. Regularly, he should do pranayama for 30 to 3 minutes in the morning.
profit-: This tunes the stomach and body’s muscles. Obesity decreases.

2. Reduce obesity by handpath.

Handpieces for 5 minutes. Then straighten down and move one foot up – down, rotate round, walk like a bicycle.
profit-: This will burn the body’s extra fat. Body will come in shape.

3. Fatness will decrease by Surya Namaskar

Regular Jogging and Surya Namaskar.
profit-: The fat around the stomach will be rapidly decreasing.

4. Obesity will decrease by running.

If you are a young, then do running and swimming or walk fast.
profit-: Blood circulation will be better. Extra fat burn will be deposited in the body.

5. Reduce obesity from Ujjai Pranayam.

There is obesity due to thyroid, and with the kapalabhati pranayama, 7-11 times Ujjai pranayama.
profit-: There will be thyroid control. The problem of obesity will be overcome.

6. Reduce obesity by acupressure.

Press 2-2 minutes in the palm under the thumb.
profit -: Along with obesity, thyroid problem will be beneficial.

7. Medical advice for obesity.

Eat 2-2 tablet Maddohar and 1-1 tablet Triphala Guggal in the morning and evening.

8. Medical advice for obesity.

If there is a problem of obesity due to swelling or water retention in the body, then use the rehabilitation process.

9. Medical advice for removing obesity.

Effective tips for fast weight loss  3-3 leaves of Ashwagandha eat morsel and chew in the morning and evening in the morning.

10. Medical advice for removing obesity.

Drink 3-5 spoons of cow urine in the morning and after drinking the stomach warm water.

11. Medical advice for removing obesity

Drink gourd juice and chew the leaves of Ashwagandha. Keep in mind the gourd should not be bitter.

12. Do not Eat What to Eat Obesity

Take down the amount of carbohydrate, eat green vegetables, sprout grains, and take protein-rich diets. Avoid fat and sweetness, drink hot water whenever thirsty.

(Note: Before adhering to all these suggestions, consult your doctor carefully.)

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