How to recognize breast cancer – Five steps of breast self exam

How to recognize breast cancer – Five steps of breast self exam -: Breast self examination is the primary procedure for breast cancer, in which you can check your breasts and find out whether you are not in a grip of a dangerous problem like breast cancer. In this phase of breast cancer, you can detect the problem through this investigation so that it can be corrected by treatment only in the initial stage.

breast cancerYou can identify breast cancer through certain symptoms. It is better to do this test once a month to check regularity in the size of the breasts. The last day of menstruation is best suited for this test, note this day and make a further investigation after one month. If there is any lump in your breasts, do not panic, because sometimes this problem is common. Many women have some kind of bulge or lump in the upper part of the breast. That which happens as small grains , It can be part of that lump. But if you have a different kind of sensation in your breasts which is not comfortable and some symptoms persist for more than a month then you should go to the doctor without delay.

Five steps of breast self exam

Step 1 – Stand upright in front of a mirror and place your palms on the hips. Observe the size and color of your breasts. There is no swelling in normal and healthy breasts and both are similar. If there is any emergence or pit etc in it, or if the breast appears towards its opposite or inward or there is any redness, swelling or rash, then contact the doctor.

Step 2 – Examine these symptoms again by lifting your hands up.

Step 3 – Check that any white, yellow or transparent liquid is not coming out of the nipple.

Step 4 – Lie down now, examine the breasts, lie down on the back and examine your right breast with the finger of the left hand, and the left breast on your right hand fingers. Turning the tip of your fingers round the breasts, do not feel any emergence or any unusual situation.

Step 5 – When standing and sitting, almost complete examination of the breast should be adopted, this final step should be adopted in which, under the running water or shower, you can check the breasts easily due to smooth lubrication or abnormal embellishment. May catch up.

Note the changes given below in these five steps.

Breast Cancer Identification

1 – Any kind of change in the shape or texture of the breasts.
2 – Pits in any part of the breast
3 – Any swelling in the breast which is especially one side.
4 – Contractions in the breasts, which are on one side.
5 – Most women have a breast slightly larger than the other, if there is a sudden increase in size.
6 – Rotate in the opposite direction of the nipples
7 – Breast skin red, scaly, swelling in the breast
8 – Any kind of transparent or red discharge from nipples
9 – Changes in the textures of nipples

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