How to remove chicken pox stains/चिकन पॉक्स के दाग कैसे मिटाएँ

Chickenpox is a very infectious disease that can happen to adults with children. There is a high level of intense itching in the body. These lesions contain bacterial infections that remain on the skin in the form of stains.

After improving the disease, the chicken pox stains in both children and adults, which affect the face, throat, neck and other organs of the body. Many times, because of these, people’s self-confidence decreases and some feel for embarrassment because of it.chicken pox stains

In addition to medicines, there are some home remedies which are helpful in removing chicken pox stains.

  • Honey is also rich in nutrition and moisture quality. Pure honey contains the properties of bleaching which makes skin color lightening. With its help, dark scars can be remove.
  • Vitamin E oil can be used directly on chicken pox scars. This is a natural and safe remedy in which these dark spots of skin can be lightened.
  • Lemon juice is a natural remedy for stain removal, which also cleanses the scars and skin traces etc. with lightening of the skin. To remove chicken pox stains, apply it directly to the affected part of the skin.
  • Coconut oil is a very easy product available in the home, in which many potent elements are found for the skin and it is used in many types of skin problems. It also reduces stains, etc., with antiviral and antifungus properties. It can also give moisture to the dry skin.
  • Take a little amount of raw oats and soak it in hot water. After this, grind it by hand and make it like a paste and let it cool down, when it cools, place it in the spot or face for 10 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water.
  • The cocoa butter’s massage is very good for the skin. Take a massage with cocoa butter on your face with a light hand. Using this gradually the stain spots begin to diminish.
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