how treat men genital warts at home naturally/Home remedies

The reason for the rise of the genotype in genitals is that the genitalia can be transmitted. It is very important to treat it as soon as possible, otherwise their size will increase. There are so many remedies to remove it. This may also be due to unsafe sexual intercourse sometimes.

This problem can occur on genital penis, urethra, scrotum sac, upper thighs and anus and inner part of the penis.

Reasons for getting genital warts -:

-: This is the main cause of the human papilloma virus, which causes high risk of cervical cancer, anal cancer or HPV. Oral sex is also the cause of its occurrence in the throat and mouth and in the genitalia. These types of infections are common and even after you have been infected, it may be six weeks or six months or even years that you do not understand what has happened. If you are in sexual contact with one or more participants, then there is a possibility of genital warts. You can also give this transition to high consumption of tobacco and treat men genital warts at home naturally

Treatments -:

treat men genital warts -: Tea tree oil for genital herbs -: Use good quality Tea Tree Oil for this treatment. Take some quantity of oil and use it on cotton cloth. Now use this oil on wart on genitals and let it dry. Use this treatment for 10 days and make sure you use it daily. You will find that your spices are white and start falling. Keep in mind that the use of this oil can cause irritability in your genitalia. It’s natural.

Use onion on masons. Now cover it with a bandage. Due to onions, the amount of blood circulation of the body increases and the wart emerges automatically. You can also use onion juice for this. Cut pieces of it and add salt and keep it overnight. On the next day remove the juice from the pieces and place it on wart. Onion is anti-microbial, whereas salt is antiseptic. By mixing these two, your spices are cured and the genitals remain healthy.

Alcohol is also removed from spices. This is a long process, because its use can take up to one week to one month to recover the wart. This time also depends on the size of the warts, but it can prove an effective treatment when adhering to it properly.

Add a baking castor oil to a sufficient amount of baking soda and make a thick paste. Use this mixture on the affected area and cover it with a bandage.

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