How to save patient’s life in heart problem

How to save patient’s life in heart problem

Today, we are telling you that by taking precautions in the 5 minute intervals of the heart attack, you can save the life of the front. If only you are unknowable and you have a heart attack, Can defend themselves. cholesterol,bipolar disorder,lowering cholesterol,heart problem,bi polar

Suddenly your chest pains, which comes to the ripe jaw with your hands. It comes with sweating and feels like vomiting. As soon as it happens, you should understand that it is a heart attack without Take time to seek medical treatment. But if the doctor is not in the position to take treatment and your vehicle is not there, then you should take these measures immediately.

Try long breathing

At the heart of the heart, the sufferer should start taking long and deep respiration. And other people should leave the air around them so that they get enough space to take oxygen.

Strongly coughing the victim can keep himself normal

The coughing of the heart contracts the heart, from which blood circulation begins to occur regularly. So, when the heart attack is felt, the victim should start coughing loudly.

Checks pulse rate and handles blood pressure

Check the pulse by placing it in the head of the patient’s neck. If it is less than 60 or 70 then it is understood that the condition of the victim is serious due to blood pressure falling very fast. In this case, give the patient such that his head is raised slightly above the waist and there will be blood circulation from the head to the heart and blood pressure will be relieved. Pulse rate can be relieved by pressure from the palm on the chest But the pressure on the wrong side can be very serious. It would be better to see the correct method of CTR on the Internet.

Let the clothes loose

If the person worn a tight cloth, such as tie, coat, then remove them.
In this way you can handle the situation till you receive the doctoral treatment.

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