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Nowadays, no one is unaware of the term bad-cholesterol. Bad cholesterol means LDL i.e. low density lipoprotein. This is a sticky substance found in the heart of the person, which is prone to heart disease due to excessiveness.lowering cholesterol,health cholesterol

According to the American Heart Association, nowadays, nearly one in 3 young people in the world are facing LDL cholesterol. If we make changes in our routine and take the right diet then it is not difficult to get rid of this disease.

Oats -: Oats eating at breakfast in the morning is a wonderful start of a healthy day. By taking oats porridge daily for breakfast in the morning for 6 weeks, you can reduce LDL by 5.3%.

red wine -: Drinking a little red wine twice a week helps reduce cholesterol.

Salmon Fish -: In addition to giving the body energy and vitamin-D, healthy fatty acids and amino acids are rich in Salmon Fish, which are useful in reducing cholesterol.

Sprouted pulses -: You can take soup, salad or veg in any form for at least half a cup of beans such as rajma, gram, moong, soya bean and urad in your day meal.
Daily intake of sprouted pulses reduces bad cholesterol.

Green tea -: Green tea contains much less caffeine than coffee. Also, the antioxidant that keeps the body healthy and healthy is also more in green tea.

By drinking green tea daily, the body’s immune system increases, making it easier to reduce bad cholesterol.

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