Best 5 Beauty Treatment For Men face

Make sure to have sunscreen on the face before leaving the sun. UV rays can not damage the facial skin.
Cover the face thoroughly while leaving.

Nowadays hair protectors are available in the market for UV rays to prevent hair loss, so they can use them.
Drink more quantity of water so that moisture in the body remains.
Avoid wearing half-shirt shirts or sunshine.
Use curd before bathing. Curd is a great anti-tanning agent for skin, whether you can use curd also with lemon juice.
What to do when sunnyBest 5 Beauty Treatment - For Men

If after the proper care, if there is a problem of sunton, then use these tips to remove it.

Nowadays, many products are available to remove tanning in the market, you can use them.
If you want to remove tanning, you can also do domestic remedies like
Mix orange juice with Yogurt and apply it on the affected area by sun tanning. Hydrosal acid and vitamin C of orange are helpful in hurling sun tanning quickly, and Yogurt’s lactic acid is also very effective.
Wash the tanning part with light warm water and fresh coconut water, then let it dry, wash the face with cold water for about half an hour. Regularly do this in a few days the skin will become normal as before.
Mix honey and lemon juice in equal amounts and apply it on the face, it also removes tanning. By taking care of a little skin you can also get the blooming color.

To maintain the beauty of the skin, it is necessary to clean the skin well. With the smartness, the skin is also fresh.

Use the cleanser according to the skin.
A good cleanser cleans up to the depth of the skin. This cleanses the dirt that is deposited in the pores, which does not cause Blameish problem. Avoid using body soap. This makes the skin of the face more difficult, which can also cause the skin to become scaly. While taking a cleanser, take care to note that the cleaner is made of natural things, it is compatible with the skin, otherwise the skin can be damaged.
When cleaning sensitive skin, keep in mind that the method is absolutely natural. Dirt out of the skin, but there is no burning sensation in the skin. If there is a problem of acne on the skin, then clean it carefully too. For the sensitive skin, the cleanser should be such that keeps slicolic acid and glycolic acid. With the problem of acne, the face can also be well cleaned.
Wash face only once a day

Washing the face more often than once in the day the skin becomes rigid. That’s why keep the face clean in either morning or night, but do not do it at all. It is harmful to the skin. Do not use hot water for facial cleaning, it also makes the skin even more rigid. Use cold water or light hot water. There is no harm to the skin.

It is also important to take care of other things too. ‘

Hair Spa

Hair spa is a good option for hair. It provides relief from many types of problems like hair loss, hairy, dry hair. In the summer season, hair spa treatments show the beauty of hair, as well as the hair destroyed by sunlight or pollution again becomes like before. If the Hair Spa is called Ribarth for the hair, then there is nothing wrong. This results in hair loss and resuscitation.

What is Hair Spa Treatment

In the hair spa treatment, scalp oil is massaged and shampoos, hair masks and conditioning are done. By which hair becomes healthy and strong.
First of all, Scalp is massaged.
After this, it is done as a Shamu. Meanwhile, at least 10 minutes of scalp is massaged.
After this, the cadition is done. In this period, the scalp is massaged from 20 to 25 minutes. After this hair cream is used. Which is applied from the root of hair to the tip.
This whole process takes at least 40 to 45 minutes in the salon. The day you are off you can do this treatment on that day.
After this, hair mask is applied to hair. This gives hair nutrition.


It shines. The humidity remains intact. Hair follicles and roots become stronger. Scalp gets nutrition. Increases in hair growth. Relaxation is available.
Oil is helpful in normalizing the activity.
It helps in increasing metabolism and increases blood circulation.
Pors’ dirt goes out of it. Damage hair gets repaired.
Hair spa is similar to that of rehydration therapy. This makes hair smoothes. The problem of Ichi Scalp is relieved.
Massage & Therapy

Body massage and body therapy is the same as relief. It also makes your skin smooth and smooth. There is a lot of massages for this. You can benefit by going to the salon.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy shows the beauty of tan, it provides relief from stress, etc. This makes Relax feel. Aromatherapy is used only in the Essential Oils. By which the skin becomes smooth and bright. This makes the body healthy. It uses essenceic oil like lavender, jasmine, etc. Thereby, there is no harm to the body.

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