Never use honey in these 5 ways, it will become poison

There are so many properties in honey that it is called a medicinal. The solution of many diseases in honey is hidden. But you also need to know that if honey is not eaten properly, it also puts a bad effect on our health. In Ayurveda it is said that what should be eaten with honey and not with whom? Let’s know which forms are harmful, honey,honey

  •  With hot things

The use of honey with hot things is considered to be poisonous. The honey is hot. If it is eaten with hot food then diarrhea is most prone to loose motions. Apart from this, fear of having many health problems remains.

  • tea or coffee

If you think that if honey is consumed with tea when it is cold, it will be very beneficial, then tell you never forget it. Using honey with tea or coffee, it enhances the body’s temperature. This leads to nervousness and stress in the body.

  • With radish

The honey and the radish are the antithesis of each other. By eating radish with honey, toxins begin to form in the body. This increases the risk of body part damage. There should be a gap of about 1 hour between honey and radish.

  • With warm water

However, it is advisable to take honey with lukewarm water. But if you take it too hot then leave it. Taking honey with hot water produces heat in the body. Which increases the likelihood of stomach upset and other diseases.

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